Lizty Community Guideline
Lizty is like Google My Business or Yelp alternative created to help increase exposure on Malaysian Brand and Business.
As a community platform, we list down few rules that all Lizty’s users need to follow.


  • You can have multiple pages if you have different businesses or multiple branches. If not, stick to one page. Spamming is¬†bad¬†for your brand and reputation.
  • Please use¬†high quality¬†images and video for your page presentation.
  • Each users must present their Brand/Business/Services/Products in a professional manner. Write a good description about your businesses, products, and services while avoiding misleading info or hype.

  • Contributors helps create pages on behalf of¬†others in¬†all main category except Job Offer and O-Market (Online Market).
  • Contributors will be rewarded with bonus points for each page created. Those interested to be part of the team can Contact us.¬† ¬† ¬†

Claim a page
  • If a page has been created for your business and services, you can simply claim them by clicking the 'claim this page' button.
  • Or you can also send a message to us via email or Whatsapp.¬†¬†
  • By claiming the page a new page creator can edit, maintain and update the page.¬†

Voting system
  • We call it ‚ÄúPerfect Score‚ÄĚ because we would like users to vote only business/services that they considered themselves as their¬†regular¬†or a business/service that¬†well deserve to be recommended. In other words,¬†only 5 stars vote has the chance to be approve.
  • Listing in Lizty Malaysia can be sort base on number of votes given by our users. This is how the best is determined in their respective categories.¬†
  • One major distinction between Lizty.My from other web or apps, is that we have a strict no toxic policy. It means no one can leave any hateful remarks, excessive criticism, abusive words that might harm a business or person. Every reviews written will have to be approved by administrators.
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